Away from home for a while

5th November 2013, 15:37
I have recently decided to do some research re my late fathers (Ralph Bannister) discharge books and came up with some interesting information.
He joined his first ship the Madura on 15/04/1946 at Birkenhead as Junior Engineer, from there he went to Australia, India, Ceylon and East Pakistan. He joined the Rajula as 4th Engineer in Calcutta (17/08/1948) then the Varela as 3rd Engineer (27/10/1938) again in Calcutta and finally joined the Itaura (02/02/1949). He eventually returned to the UK on the Itaura arriving in London on 07/05/1949.

2yrs 11 months and 17days away from home and two promotions!

I remember he told me he left BI because he was fed up with India, he joined Clan Line in 1949 and his first ship was the Clan MacIlwraith - yes you have guessed it to India!!

Norman Best
5th November 2013, 16:00
Hi Banni, Sods law just like Bank Line. All best Norm.