Angelino Lauro

david smith
20th August 2004, 12:17
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20th August 2004, 14:27
A shot of the Angelino Lauro (ex Oranje) leaving Port of Spain, Trinidad in an squall. Photo shows the "tumblehome".

Built 1939 24377tgross 656 ft length 84ft beam Tripple screw and speed 21.5 knots.
Became Angelino Lauro in September 1964 and put on cruises in med in 1972.
Caught fire in Virgin Islands in 1979 and sank on way to breakers in Taiwan.

Had a really nice weekend cruise on her in 1968 to Bremen.Remember could look out of a porthole nearly at water level on the tumblehome and really notice its effect when looking upwards!!This ,incidentally was done whilst under way-marvellous!