50 years ago this Christmas. Halifax NS.

Graham the pipe
10th December 2013, 07:44
I know for a fact that at least two people reading this, namely JW and NR - both fellow Es of Es and both also 'featuring' in the attached 'link' - will have their own, 'Christmas Memories' to add to my own. Pages 7/8, of my anecdote, relate to my Christmas tree positioning, in somewhat inclement weather, now half a century ago. God, time flies! Think I may have been dark haired and clean shaven at the time!


I take this opportunity to wish EVERYONE reading this a HAPPY, PEACEFUL and RELAXING YULETIDE with a HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS and TROUBLE FREE MMX1V

{Three} CHEERS! HIP! (Pint)(Thumb) HIP! (Pint)(Thumb) HIP! (Pint)(Thumb) Who? Ray?