1955 Union-Castle Sailing Schedules

Neil Purdon
10th December 2013, 16:04
I have been asked the following question which I cannot answer:

"Would you have any source of what Union-Castle freighter sailed from London in February 1955 and called at both Lobito and Walvis Bay?"

I thought the crew lists on Chris Isaac's website might provide the answer, but they only go back to 1959.

Can anyone help?


11th December 2013, 13:01
I sailed on the Good Hope Castle on 25th Febuary 1955 to South Africa calling at those two ports plus every other port in SA+

Neil Purdon
11th December 2013, 15:11
This site never ceases to amaze me. I honestly wasn't expecting to get the answer. Thanks so much R58484956. I'll pass on the information to the enquirer in Canada, and will post any response.

12th December 2013, 16:13
All part of the SN service.

Union Castle Line
13th April 2014, 14:01

My Granddad John Arthur Weeks (aka Jack Weeks) sailed from the UK to Capetown South Africa in 1955 with his son John Graham Weeks and wife Betty (Elizabeth) Weeks. I have searched the internet looking for passenger lists for this period and can find nothing. They are all deceased now so I have no one else to ask.

Would you have any idea of what Union-Castle freighter sailed from the UK in July 1955 and called at Capetown?" I would love to see a picture of the freighter that carried my family on this long journey south.

Please can anyone help?

20th October 2014, 07:20
Not what you actually want I know but this may help others


20th October 2014, 07:26
Both Riebeeck Castle 1955:and Roxburgh Castle 1955
May be one of these!
Also Kenya Castle 7/1955

Riebeeck Castle 7/1955