RFA Grey Ranger

3rd January 2014, 14:53
In the RFA Historical site the name of the Ranger class RFA is spelt
"Gray" (even my spellchecker corrects that)
Gray is painted on her bows and round her stern.
In this era of apologising for every error we made in the past (from
slavery to Tony Blair) is it not time to have this terrible mistake rectified and all photographs of the ship retouched to read "Grey Ranger"

4th January 2014, 14:26
I presume you are in jest George but just for the record it is not a mistake -

Gray vs. grey
Gray and grey are different spellings of the same word, and both are used throughout the English-speaking world. But gray is more common in American English, while grey is more common in all the other main varieties of English. In the U.K., for instance, grey appears about twenty times for every instance of gray. In the U.S. the ratio is reversed.

Both spellings, which have origins in the Old English grǽg, have existed hundreds of years.1 Grey gained ascendancy in all varieties of English in the early 18th century, but its dominance as the preferred form was checked when American writers adopted gray about a century later. As the Ngram below shows, this change in American English came around 1825. Since then, both forms have remained fairly common throughout the English-speaking world, but the favoring of gray in the U.S. and grey everywhere else has remained consistent.

4th January 2014, 16:17
She was built by Caledon at Dundee so was very much a Scottish ship and may well have derived her name from Clan GRAY (this being the only way to spell Gray correctly.)

4th January 2014, 20:27
Captain Sigwart records her name as Grey Ranger.

5th January 2014, 10:30
OK chaps, I give in. Be it Scottish or American I suppose both are correct.
But it just doesn't look right.
What is painted on the bows and stern obviously must stand.
But heaven preserve us from Gray Rover

6th January 2014, 11:23
Even Sigwart got it wrong, which is not like him. - http://rfanostalgia.org/gallery3/index.php/REPLENISHMENT-AT-SEA/Cruisers/Gray-Ranger-Berwick