John Owen

13th January 2014, 23:02
Recently received the following query.
Can anyone remember John Owen?

John Owen

My father John Owen passed away recently and he told me of his time within the Merchant Navy. He started his career with Alfred Holts as an apprentice. He then went on to sail with the Clan Line and then worked in Odyssey buildings in Birkenhead.

My dad was a ships carpenter by trade and after his seagoing days he worked his way up to management. Although I do have his discharge book I am just after some information about what routes and maybe ships that my father may have worked on. I do fondly remember him having worked on a refit for the "Eboe". My dad won a raffle for a day out on the ship, it was moored just out of the river and we had a great day. I can still remember the smells even now.

I wanted to let his former colleagues know about my father, and would dearly love to possibly get in contact with some of them, just to hear about his times at sea and also shore based too.

Graham Owen
North Wales

Graham the pipe
16th January 2014, 20:37
Presume he has been asked for some more 'specific' information in respect of his father - all of which is there if he has his discharge book - ship's names, dates etc? What year was the Eboe's refit and where? That would interest me, personally and probably you, too Derek as we are both O Ebonians.

17th January 2014, 16:20
Me too - old Ebanian as well as Ebonian.

I wonder if the day trip was in 1977, when the Eboe took part in the 25th anniversary Jubilee celebration?

19th January 2014, 21:30
Hi, Many thanks for the replies so far. I can remember that my dad won a raffle for a day out for the family on the Eboe, and the year 1977 does ring a bell, I can remember going on a tug boat up the Mersey and having a cracking day out, the smell still stays with me to this day. My dad ended up with two fantastic chairs from the ship, I think from when he did a refit on it maybe. Sorry I was only 8 at the time.

The only memorabilia that I have is a photo of the Clan Mckenzie as she is just about to go under Sydney Harbour bridge. I do have my late fathers Discharge book, which as you will all know has the dates and ships that my dad had sailed on. I was just interested in the routes and what cargo would have been on the ships. My dad was a ships carpenter, if more information is needed I can try to provide it.
Many thanks again gents....

Graham Owen.....