P&O Drug Sniffer Dogs For P&O Pacific Sky/ Sun

bob johnston
5th April 2006, 22:40
Over the last few weeks there has been alot of trouble on board P&O ships cruising from Sydney around the Pacific . There has been very bad press where a woman died due to be given a party drug on board a cruise. There has been also an incident where one of the ships had to return when on a 3 day cruise where there was an assault on a security guard and female crewmember involving too much alcohol. The ship had to return after 3 hours at sea in the early hours to Sydney where the police took the men off.

P&O have taken measures to review security procedures introducing CT television and increasing security on board and also all passengers will have to go through a strict drug screening procedure using drug dogs. I personally think it is a good idea to try and control these party drugs from getting on board.

It is a shame that in our society drugs and alcohol spoil it for other passengers trying to enjoy a happy cruising experience.

These incidents have brought very bad press for P&O on current affair television with passengers giving stories of drunken passengers .

P&O like any other licensed venue is faced with excessive alcohol useage which has to be controlled by strict Responsible Service of Alcohol policies . I know it is hard to control as I am in the hospitality industry and at times very stressfull for all concerned.

Oviously other ships have the same problem but you do not hear much about it . Do other cruise lines have stricter controls on board I would like to hear if anyone has any comments re these problems.

Bob ( Sydney )

John Rogers
6th April 2006, 01:32
I sailed on HA last November,never a problem,sailing again in May with the same company. Most people I met on the cruise tell me they have never had a problem sailing with HA and they are frequent cruisers. But there are always the idiots who think they can drink the bar dry,but I haven't seen it.

6th April 2006, 06:32
Yeah Bob,
It has been the same for years. Remember during prohibition, pax deserted US flag vessels in droves when they could not get a drink.
Remember the Sitmar slogan in the 70,s "The Fun Ships" which was applied to all P&O vessels after the Sitmar takeover, plus the print and TV ads of (mostly) young people having a Good Time and usually with a drink or with a background showing drinkers. There is as in all good adverts nothing EXPLICIT, just that having a good time IMPLIES the consumption of booze.
I am not a wowser, having spent a lifetime searching for a good bottle of wine or a can of beer. Just imagine no police, no closing hours, no booze buses or breathalizer, no driving home with a belly full, in fairly convivial surroundings and at a reasonable price, accompanied by like-minded TOTAL Strangers, who, hopefully you will never see again. Sounds too good to be true for many, and probably is for lots.
My son served as DJ on the poor old Pacific Sky for 6 months or so a couple of years ago, and he tells me rhe "fun" started prior to clearing the Heads.!!
I dont think things will ever change, but after the present case in the Coroners Court, security will definately have to be placed up the line on the P&O priority list. (Applause)

Paul UK
6th April 2006, 08:16
Well done P&O, However I have been on P&o, Cunard and Princess ( Princess Out of Sydney) never had any problems.

Paul (Applause)