News about "Hamen" ex collier "Pompey Power"

15th January 2014, 20:13
My name is Arne Holm. I live in Oslo, Norway. I work as a piping designer, designing piping in power plants and process industry. But now, I want to tell you about the veteran cargo ship m/s "Hamen", bulit in 1949 in Sunderland at S.P. Austin as "Pompey Power".

As many of you will know, Hamen was laid up in Idefjorden close to Halden, but on the Swedish side of the border between 1995 and 2012. In December 2012, when the ice was about 8 inch thick, “Hamen” was towed via Halden to Hirtshals Yard at Jutland in Denmark. She was docked in february 2013. In Hirtshals, hull was checked, sandblasted and painted. Deckhouses, deck etc were washed with high pressure water and painted. The condition of the hull proved to be better than both the authorities and the owner could assume and hope. The owner is Stiftelsen Hamen ex ds Tandik (in english called the Hamen Foundation). Our intention is to preserve the ship as a museum ship and a maritime and technical heritage. On board “Hamen”, it is possible to show in a realistic environment how european and norwegian seamen lived and worked between 1949 and 1986, when the ship was laid up.
In august 2013, “Hamen” was towed to Hurum in the Oslo fiord, and is now laid up close to Hurum Paper Mill, laid down in 2008.
After coming to Hurum, we have continued our efforts to secure the ship and to restore it. Outside areas, like the decks, deckhouses, masts etc have all been painted, but of course, it is a big ship, so we are not finished . Take a look at the pictures, and compare Hamen 2014 with Hamen 2012. Inside, officers mess-room (dining room?), captains cabin and his office have been fixed and painted. A supporting society has also been established, and you are all welcome to join it. The name of this is "lasteskipet Hamens Venner, (Friends of the cargo ship Hamen). During the last years, we have found a lot of pictures on internet, but we are looking for more pictures, both of Pompey Power 1949-1960, Tandik 1960-62 and Hamen. Hamen regularly sailed between Norway (Mosjoen) and England (Goole), but also sailed to other european harbours in England, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and even to Murmansk. We believe some pictures must have been taken of this lady. In our restoration work, pictures of the interior in PP, Tandik and Hamen and similar ships will be interesting. Have anybody photos of the original interior and can tell us about details? Many interior parts from 1949 still exist, and all in all, great part of the ship is still much like PP. I have to stop now, but more information will follow. We do hope to hear from you! A few pictures from Hirtshals and Hurum are attached.
Kind regards Arne Holm. Chairman of the Hamen foundation.

15th January 2014, 20:42
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15th January 2014, 21:45
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15th January 2014, 22:15

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bugga divino
15th January 2014, 22:43
Welcome from the Land down under......Heartening to see the old lady in such good shape...and the effort and passion in restoring her! Wonderful stuff..

16th January 2014, 10:55
What an interesting (and, I suspect, costly project). I don't know if the accommodation has changed that much between 1971 and now, a few more senior officer's cabins with dayrooms, Private washrooms etc. There must be a considerable contrast with 1949, though. She seems to have had a remarkably long working life.

16th January 2014, 12:05
One of the first British built ship with Alternating Current.(with shore connection)

16th January 2014, 12:09
Greetings Arne and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

16th January 2014, 15:21
Hello. When I bruch up a chair in the captains cabin i found the number "390under the seat".
"Pompey Power" had number 394 from the shipsbuilder. But what ship had the number "390" at Austin - Sunderland.
Harald at "Hamen"

16th January 2014, 16:02
Hello. When I bruch up a chair in the captains cabin i found the number "390under the seat".
"Pompey Power" had number 394 from the shipsbuilder. But what ship had the number "390" at Austin - Sunderland.
Harald at "Hamen"

POUL CARL(A/S D/S Heimdal)

15th July 2015, 12:00
Thanks for update on Hamen. I'm interested in Pompey Light and Pompey Power when they were colliers working into Portsmouth.
Can you update me on Power and do you know anything of Light?

15th July 2015, 13:15
Arne, Such an interesting article . I found it brought back so many memories of times when ships were ships and not floating boxes . I sailed out of London with Port Line and Clyde Shipping Company and remember seeing Pompey Power and quite a few like her in the 1950/60s . I also recall seeing her in my home town of Belfast . Thank you very much for your story .
Regards . Alex C R666116 .

15th July 2015, 20:32
Pompey light was broken up at Antwerp October 1968

17th July 2015, 09:52
Thank you for the info. She was only 20 years old then. Do you have any idea why she didn't last long. Her sister is still afloat.