Queen Mary sale

Peter Eccleson
7th April 2006, 18:38
I can't remember where I saw a note about the proposed sale of the old QM to a Weymouth businessman for relocation to Southampton as a tourist attraction..... I think its somewhere within SN.

However, I have just got back from a trip to Long Beach and it appears that there's a lot of merit in the story. The City of long Beach, whilst acknowledging that QM is losing money as an attraction are trying to block the sale. They say that QM should be viewed as a much wider part of the numerous tourist attractions in the area and are reluctant to see a deal closed to sell her to the UK interests.

My view is that I would like to see the old girl come home!

7th April 2006, 19:00
You have got my support on that one Peter. Colin

7th April 2006, 21:18
Hi Peter,

It was me on 16th Jan this year. See below :-

Has anyone seen the article in the Southern Daily Echo, a Southampton Daily Paper about the Queen Mary. A wealthy businessman, the CEO of Kingfisher Publishing in Weymouth, has apparantly pledged to have the old Mary towed from her present home via Cape Horn to Southampton where he intends to arrange for her to be berthed in Southampton Docks for the same purposes as her present owners.

I have not seen the article myself, but heard of it from another web site, I seem to remember Steve last year mentioning a possible plan to bring her home. It will be very interesting to see what the outcome is.


So there could be a grain of truth in the story after all, very interesting. Thanks for the info, we will see what happens. I just hope if she is brought home she is not neglected and finally scrapped through not being looked after properly. Need a lot of money for her up keep.


Peter Eccleson
8th April 2006, 19:06
All - I just hope she'd make it under tow!
It would be a great shame to lose her en-route. But Chris, I agree, they need the cash to set up a good show in Southampton if she does come home. (Applause)

Jim S
8th April 2006, 22:59
If the City of Long Beach and even the Walt Disney empire cannot make Queen Mary a commercial success I find it hard to see how Southampton could. I too would be concerned about the tow via Cape Horn - a few other elderly liners have come to grief under tow, admittedly on way to breakers and who is to say some of the losses were not planned.
The maintenance of her would be a massive task - at least in her present home she is resting in a favourable climate.
When former Royal Yacht Britannia first moved to Leith it was painfully apparent that the fabric maintenance was underestimated or underfunded however I am pleased to say that on my last visit there was a great improvement in her appearance.
Queen Mary coming home is I think wishful thinking.

Jim MacIntyre
9th April 2006, 17:19
I live in southern New Jersey fairly close to Philadelphia. The once mighty SS 'United States' is docked in Philly in a terrible state. If anyone has had the opportunity to fly into Philly you can see her on certain runway approaches.
Very sad to see it happening. How many time have we seen photos of New York harbour lined with these magnificent ships all gone one way or another.
In the past couple of years Philadelphia has spent millions on fancy new staduims for the sports teams while this icon of U.S. maritime history rots less that two miles away.
Sad state of affairs...
Jim Mac