Marine Traffic accuracy

23rd January 2014, 23:33

I have an issue with the accuracy of the details of ferry boat traffic in the area of Morecambe bay, which is probably not the fault of Ships Nostalgia. The problem is over the siting of the traffic logos showing the position of the Douglas (I.O.M.) to Heysham ferry, the Ben My Chree.

Tonight for example, its scheduled time for leaving Douglas was 20.45 with an estimated arrival at Heysham of 00.15. At 22.00 hours, it was shown on the Marine Traffic chart as being three quarters of the way there rather than a third of the way from Douglas.

So my question is this: Is Ships Nostalga able to check the accuracy of the information supplied to it, or is it a chart placement glitch ?



Hugh Wilson
24th January 2014, 02:38
Ship's Nostalgia has no control over any of the information supplied by Marine Traffic. Vessel position information is as reported by each ship's AIS transponder and can be several hours out of date by the time that it is displayed on the website

24th January 2014, 09:19
It's always the same in winter ... They get a leaf on the line in Aberdeen and everything comes to a standstill.

John T