swallowing the anchor

Alan Trueman
31st January 2014, 23:07
I just stumbled on this site and a post from Bob Allen, dated Jan 2006, caught my attention as his early seagoing career was similar to mine.
My first ship in 1951 was the Ninella (Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co). I then served on various Shell tankers as deck apprentice and uncertificated 4th. mate.
The Desmoulea, Kelletia, Vellutina, which, in 1954 was the 'flag' ship of the Shell fleet, and officially opened the Q E 2 dock at Eastham. Then the Goldmouth, bunker duty in Singapore - fueling French troopships bound for Indo-China amongst others. The Drupa, Thaumastus, and Volsella. In 1956 I went ashore and obtained my 2nd. mates ticket in Liverpool. I then sailed for a short time with Blue Funnel - Nestor, Pyrrhus and Ixion.
In 1956 I got married and did one more trip on the Bellerophon and emigrated to Canada in 1957 where we have lived and raised our family

Alistair Macnab
31st January 2014, 23:45
did you know Warren Seabrook a firdt-trip Apprentice on Vellutina? Aparently he broke his wrists on the fxl when trying to 'shake' the anchor chain which had stopped running out. Does this ring a bell? Warren then went into the RAF boat rescue service. He was a pal of mine from Ayr, Scotland.

1st February 2014, 00:04
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

John Rogers
1st February 2014, 00:42
Welcome to SN Alan, nice to see a good profile.

1st February 2014, 08:09
On behalf of the 'SN Moderating Team', welcome aboard Alan.

1st February 2014, 13:51
Greetings Alan and welcome to SN from across the pond. Bon voyage.