Basic info re crew complement...

3rd February 2014, 09:10
I'm writing a book of fiction and I'd like to get some basic information about crew complement. The ship I'm interested in ---as a pattern for my story--- is the not-yet-completed MARJORIE C.

This is a ConRO ship due in 2014. What I know about the ship is...

Length: 692 feet
Beam: 106 feet
Draft: 31 feet
Deadweight: 21,132.5*metric tons
Quarter Stern Ramp Capacity: 250 metric tons
Number of Decks: 9
Quarter Stern Opening 39'4" wide x 20'7" high
Crane Capacity: 40 metric tons
Container Capacity l,400 TEU's
Automobile Capacity: 2,750

What I'd like to know is... Approximately what size crew would such a ship be expected to have and what would their titles and duties be?

Would it be normal ---or would it perhaps be UNusual--- for a ship like this to have any animals on board (maybe as a mascot, pet, mouse/rat control)? If so, would it be a cat or a dog? Both? What would not be out of the ordinary?

Is it unusual to have cadets on board? How much experience/skill might a cadet have?

Sincere thanks to everyone offering some insight!

5th February 2014, 08:05
The position names depend on what flag she will sail under. The manning of a vessel like that under the American Flag would have the following:
Deck Department
Chief Officer or Mate
Second Officer or Mate
Third Officer or Mate ( some ships can have two Third's)
3 Able Seamen
2 Ordinary Seamen ( the Bosun is considered the third OS)

Engine Department
Chief Engineer
First Assistant Engineer
Second Assistant Engineer
1 or 2 Third Assistant Engineer
3 QMED's
1 Wiper

Steward Department
Chief Steward/ Baker
Steward Utility

Some ships use Ship Utilities for the Wiper and Ordinary Seamen positions the two Ship Utilities alternate between the Deck and Engine Departments weekly. Both are used for docking and undocking. And for watches when called for. The third required OS is the Bosun.


5th February 2014, 08:14
Thanks, Joe, for taking the time to provide that info! Much appreciated...


26th February 2014, 12:03
To add a bit more to the above, in over 30 years at sea I've never sailed with a mascot, or heard of one, I believe that rabies regulations & other similar forbid having them when a ship on international voyages.
On my last ship we had a complement of 22 & that included 2 cadets, & 2 painters. The cadets can be anything from first trip, to finishing their sea time off, so quite experienced.
The painters were not qualified to take watches or steer, so basically did as the name implies plus cleaning.

Officers were Master, Ch. Off, 2/Off, 3/Off, Ch. Eng, 2/E, 3/E, 4/E, Electro Tech Off.
Ratings, Fitter, Wiper, 4 x AB, 1 x OS & Catering department was a Cook & a single Steward.

Ron Dean
26th February 2014, 12:56
I sailed as a passenger on a car carrier 600ft. x 106ft. and dwt=18,440 in 2001.
The crew list & duties given by surfaceblow in post#2, compare very favourably with a scribbled crew list that I have.
Just for information, in addition to those listed in #2 post, we had extra:- 1 Able Seaman, 1 Ordinary Seaman, 1 Electrician, 2 Deck Cadets, 1 Engineering Cadet and a Ships Security Officer.
I guess of main interest to yourself would be the 3 cadets on board, one of the deck cadets being female.


Stephen J. Card
26th February 2014, 13:23
The kitten was mother's Egyptian, father Singaporean... born on board, but on board the m.s. NILE U while in Yokohama. The kitten became mine on board the PYRAMIDS U and was known as 'Scupper'. Don't know what became of the cat about a year or two later ... when PYRAMIDS was sent for scrap.

26th February 2014, 15:03
To wharferat, Mr. Dean, and Mr. Card...

I thank you all for the information! Very helpful stuff...