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11th April 2006, 09:13
Those website are mostly German, so I figured it would be interesting to mention them here as they all offer very interesting things for the ship modelling, static and operationall.
these are mostly manufacturers
Semi-kits in 1/100 and 1/50,
Kits in various scales, fittings, good details
kits in 1/100, good level,
Plans services
Impressive model of the Yamato!
Historic ships/ wooden ships
Functional models
Card models
RTR Models (a nice Riva or Cris craft)
Model Ships fittings, very nice
Ships plans
A very big paper catalog for ship modelling, many fittings
High-end models, finished or kits
ARTR models
1/144 models, kits, ARTR, fittings
1/100 naval models. very nice bismarck. good fittings
Some various models
kits in 1/20 to 1/50
ships and plane models
Working models 1/25 to 1/200
steam engines for ship and trains
lightship models
magazine and plans service
1/25 models
fittings and plans
complete models
an excellent UK manufacturer


Jim MacIntyre
11th April 2006, 17:18
Hello Vchui
Thanks - some of those sites will be going into my favourites list
Jim MacIntyre

12th April 2006, 09:22
I know very few US sgnificant modelling manufacturers.

the one that come to my mind is
which makes 1/200 to 1/36 naval ships in kits, semi kits + fittings.

They compete with UK

Should anyone wishes to add some links, they should not hesitate to. I am very insterested in kits/finished working scale models

Jim MacIntyre
12th April 2006, 19:24

Jim MacIntyre
12th April 2006, 19:25
here's a couple in the US.
Loyalhanna is another good one that is now coonected to taubmans plans\

Jim Mac