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Lloyd Housley
17th February 2014, 13:45
Hi Guys,

I was contacted by Doug Howick over the weekend and he's supplied me with quite a number of wonderful photographs from his time in Romanic 1954-57.

Time is 'getting on a bit' now so if anyone out there has any material they'd like to be published on this site then please let me know. It doesn't necessarily have to be photographs, any memories or yarns are always welcome too.

Here is the link to my 'People Gallery' which will have to be reorganized now I've got this extra material but, for now I hope this whets someone's appetite.

Best regards to all

Ian J. Huckin
27th February 2014, 20:09
Hiya big fellah, a warm welcome from snow bound Box Canyon, Washington State...A bit like Micmac on a warm day...the women are just as hairy too...

29th October 2014, 22:19
Hi Lloyd, I was on Ribeira at the time of the ER fire, I remember it well. A long trip if I remember. The other apprentices were Geoff Hopkins and Dave Knight (I think).
the attached pic is from the ore wagon era. Capt. Malcolm Siddle, C/O Parry and 2/O Mike Pitick. The other guy I can't remember. The other pic is myself and R/O Kevin Ellison

22nd December 2014, 12:13
wishing all the x bolton men a very merry xmas and a happy new year
chippy chapman

22nd December 2014, 13:13
.........and my best wishes to all those who served on 'the North Yorkshire' Ore Carriers, and my apologies for having to send you to Murmansk in the winter and Seven Islands at any time.....


Pilot mac
22nd December 2014, 18:31
Quality ship, 'four bells' in the optic.


Richard Milne
8th September 2015, 18:18
Quality ship, 'four bells' in the optic.


Would that be me old mate Dave at LPSL in Birkenhead?