Scottish P&O Commodore

4th March 2014, 21:59
I was at the MNOPF Forum today in Glasgow and got chatting to a delightful elder gentleman, who it turned out had been a P&O Commodore, member of the Worshipful company of Master Mariners, Trinity House Brother etc. Living in southern Scotland but originating, I think, from Rothesay, and whose father was a captain with BP.

I stupidly didn't ask his name but he was a fascinating and charming person. Any idea who I might have been talking with?

I ask because I know that Graham Wallace in the BP thread will be interested to know about his father.


Tony Selman
5th March 2014, 08:44
Nina, I do not know who he was off the top of my head but I expect SN will come up with the answer. If not one of my former P&O colleagues who was involved with them until he retired will almost certainly know the answer. Will follow the thread.