Bob Crow

Biggles Wader
11th March 2014, 16:00
Age 52.I shall miss his forthright views and direct comment

12th March 2014, 11:34
So very sad,someone I always admired,Did do much for his members, Will be missed.

13th March 2014, 12:07
As far as I was concerned Bob Crow was a good Union Man.

When others remained silent he spoke up. That is something to be proud of.



13th March 2014, 23:02
good day biggles wader,m.12th march 2014.01:00re:bob crow.#1.i dont know bob crow.but i agree with you as to show respect #3 as for bob crow may he rest in peace regards ben27

steve Coombs
13th March 2014, 23:17
Didnt Like Him but may he rest in pieace

18th March 2014, 15:41
May he Rest in Peace, two things I did agree with him were the return of the death penalty and get out of Europe.

john blythe
4th April 2014, 05:54
Bob Crow herd him speak once, Sad there is not a few more to speak out for the working man RIP Bob