What Port is This?

15th April 2006, 22:40
Hello All;

I am hoping to get the attention of all you well-traveled seafarers of old on this one. It would be great if one of you might recognize the Port location of the attached image. I know there is not much visible beyond the broadside image of the Mathilde Mærsk, but any suggestions will be appreciated.

I am trying to determine what route this vessel Mathilde-1950 and her sister Agnete-1950 might have sailed on from 1950 to 1964 when they were sold. They do not show up in the photographic collection at The University of Baltimore [USA], and their holdings for Mærsk Line freighters are quite large. I suspect these two may have sailed elsewhere. I read recently of a “Mærsk Tea Line” that operated between India/Ceylon to the Persian Gulf. Some of the smaller vessels are shown to have served this area, but don’t know when this ‘so called’ Tea Line was introduced.

Any help here will be most appreciated, and if anyone has ‘know how’ on finding routes for ships back in the 1950-65 period, would be glad to know the source.


16th April 2006, 02:24
could be a port in japan,likes like a jap.flag shes flying on her fore mast.no cranes on the wharfe and aisian type lighters alongside

16th April 2006, 02:30
could be a port in japan,likes like a jap.flag shes flying on her fore mast.no cranes on the wharfe and aisian type lighters alongside
Yes, I agree with Dom, looks like the Japanese ensign on the foremast, as I never went to Japan, that's the limit of my joining in this thread...good-luck ith your quest! Vix (K)

16th April 2006, 02:57
Hello Tom and Vix;

That was quick and appreciated. Never thought to look at the country flag on the Foremast, and I used to hoist those flags too way back when. Amazing what all those years will do to you.

I am trying to finish my photo material on my former shipping companies, and several ships always seem to elude me. Although I did not sail on either AGNETE MÆRSK-1950 nor MATHILDE MÆRSK-1950. These two were built in Venice, Italy in 1950, and the HSM has only a builder’s photo of each, which I do have. I am trying to get photos of these two when in service, and any help will really be appreciated. The only two routes for Mærsk freighters I knew of [back then] were out of New York:

(1) New York-Panama Canal-West Coast US-to Orient and back.
(2) New York-Panama Canal-West Coast US-to Orient-to South and West Africa-to New York.

Was there another route for MÆRSK freighters back then? I recently read there was a "MÆRSK TEA ROUTE". India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to Persian Gulf? Could Agnete and Mathilde have been on this route back then? There seems to be no record [at least photographic record] of them been in the US. However, with the photo being identified as a port in Japan that seems to put the two on the US based routes.

Does any of you fine seafarers recollect seing either of these two in ports of your travels?

Thanks and Cheers,

16th April 2006, 03:11
maersk boats had runs world wide,never saw those two ships but was in port with plenty others,as with a lot of companys then, ships followed each other around the ports depending wether they were out or homeward bound,as to the port good luck,my guess kobe early 50s