New Buildings

17th April 2006, 08:26
according to reports qater is expected to hire so.korean shipbuilders to build 44 l.n.g.ships for 10billion$.the joint project between exxon mobil corp. and state run qatar petroleum co.calls for 15.6 million tons of be shiped to exxons terminal in the u.s.a.

18th April 2006, 10:34
I can make a start in my garage dom if that will help to speed the process up.
I know I put those welding rods somewheres.

22nd April 2006, 03:17
I believe the numbers are 3 - 266,000 cubic meter LNG Carriers worth US$284M each for stage 2 of the Qatar LNG project.
I found this on Samsung Heavy Industries site a couple of weeks ago.
Qatar Gas also has a site. The quantities and the size of the project make our NW shelf operation look pretty small time!!
Dicky Beach Sunshine Coast.

22nd April 2006, 04:02
thank you david ,i checked the site twice read it three time to make sure before i posted, i thought 44 was quite a few buildings but with all those petro $$$$ have to get rid of the money somehow

22nd April 2006, 04:23
shipping corp. of india plans to buy 76 vessels over the next 6yrs for a cost of 3.3 billion$ checked this one 3 times as well