16th March 2014, 21:12
Hi I'm new to this, I'm researching my great grandfather's Royal Navy career of WW1 and his Merchant Navy career of WW2.
Am a little stuck on two ships he served on in WW2 while in Merchant Navy. The Sobieski (Polish) and the Elini (or Eleni) pro reg (which I think means pro registration but please correct me if I have that wrong). Any advice gratefully received!

Hugh MacLean
16th March 2014, 21:36
Hello and welcome,
Do you have any of his service records? If not could you give his name, date and place of birth please?

16th March 2014, 22:08
Hi yes I have his medal lists for WW1 (RN) and WW2 (MN) and have his service record for Royal Navy - 1903-1918.
I visited TNA yesterday and managed to get his CR10 record showing the ships he served on from 1942-1944. He was on Sobieski, Ingman, Baxtergate, Eleni (or Elini) and then Fort Mingan. I managed to find and view the crew list for Baxtergate. His name was Charles Albert Clements. Dob 20.1.1887.
I have today tracked down the ships movement cards for Sobieski and Baxtergate.
I am struggling to find the Eleni (or Elini) - his service record showed he travelled to Algiers on it 10.9.43 to 9.11.43.
I also can't locate any records for him prior to 1942 or his seaman's pouch.
Thank you.

16th March 2014, 23:00
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Hopefully, someone will be able to help with the information you are seeking. Good luck (Thumb)

17th March 2014, 00:40
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17th March 2014, 00:41

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17th March 2014, 09:58
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Hugh MacLean
17th March 2014, 11:39
Any chance you could put up a copy of the CRS 10 - easily confused with the CR 10 card but they are different documents?

Pro or Pre reg means the ship was not in the British Registry at that time meaning she did not have a British official number.
Unfortunately he has no surviving seaman's pouch, many, up to 95,000, were destroyed prior to 1988.


Roger Griffiths
17th March 2014, 13:24
The only ELENI that fits the bill is a Greek steamer built in Belgium in 1903.
Finding any Crew Agreement will be difficult unless she was chartered by HM gov. BT387/18 would be the place to look.
AS Hugh has stated could you post the form CRS10 as an attachment. It would be a big help. Do you know were he was born?

Hugh, nothing pre war on FMP for him.