Big is not best

27th April 2006, 09:23
An articile in our local newspaper about the merger between P&O and Maersk shows that big is not always the best. Exporters face problems with getting exports to markets on time and even getting in touch with the shipping line is proving to be an issue. Space is hard to get and some arrogance is creaping in and there is less choice. Tales abound of fresh produce being left on the wharf for three weeks because of over booked space or being unloaded at another NZ port or going to Japan instead of going to the USA. Maersk has admitted "Major Problems in the area of Documentation" in the merged companies head office in the Phillippines. Time will tell if any thing changes.

Some exporters are chartering ships to get around the issues.

Blair Lagerstedt
New Zealand

27th April 2006, 10:00
Experienced some of these hassles recently. The company I work for (Cadburys) recently had two containers consigned from Singapore to Port Chalmers overcarried to New Plymouth, due to a Maersk 'administative' error. The trouble and time it took to actually get the containers to our door was abysmal - it would have been almost as quick to get two more sent from Singapore (provided they got things right). I know of other companies experiencing problems, and have also heard 'stories' from my port contacts. It is almost as if each company's (Maersk and P&O) years of individual experience has given way to the new company starting from zero.

Frank P
27th April 2006, 11:20
If they have put the Head Office in the Philippines what do you expect.


28th April 2006, 10:09
Knowing I was an admirer of Maersk the operations manager of another shipping company here in NZ has had satisfaction in letting me know what a mess they are making of it.His company cannot put on additional tonnage to cover what is on offer Their bungling in such a short period is hardly believable. Kiwi

5th May 2006, 07:53
Further to my earlier thread,during week purchased frozen export lamb legs @ $12 ea.Super market today had them but not quite so cheap but still a good buy.Wonder if this reflects a botch up in shipping arrangements? Kiwi

15th May 2006, 12:53
Two weeks ago a local shipping publication ran an article about the Maersk-P&O mess with comments from various parties. Last weeks paper had M-P&O stating they were getting things sorted (Read like a damage control article).
The ultimate proof of how bad things are came last week - they are even having problems with their own ships names! The PONL Encounter was last seen in Port Chalmers in December, arriving back February as Maersk Dacartur. Same vessel again called last Friday as Maersk Decatur. Now waiting for its next call in a couple of months to see what the next spelling lesson comes up with.