Uruguay Star

8th April 2004, 18:31
An attractive view above of the Blue Star Cargo/passengerliner URUGUAY STAR (1948/10,723 grt).
Equipped to carry 53 First Class passengers, the URUGUAY STAR was powered by steam turbines. She was sold for demolition at Kaohsiung in 1972.

Bob S
1st September 2004, 16:29
URUGUAY STAR (48/10723) photographed in the Royal Dock's in London in the late 1960's

steve todd
12th June 2005, 00:15
Uruguay Star being eased alongside by the port tug in Santos - 1961

Steve Todd

12th June 2005, 00:27
Didn't she end up being burnt out in one of the London Docks? Or was that the Paraguay Star?

steve todd
12th June 2005, 00:48
No it was the Paraguay. see pic. I did a few good trips on her too.


12th June 2005, 00:56
Thanks Steve. It's a shame she burnt out, but then again I suppose her and her ilk were already living on borrowed time.

Paul Sibellas
22nd July 2010, 12:19
I was an EDH on the "Uruguay Star" 1970. Santos was mentioned.What memories of runs ashore there that brings back.

22nd July 2010, 15:20
Uruguay Star, otherwise known as Chunkie's yacht!

He was the Chief Engineer in 1967-? I've forgotten his full name.

Alfred Ford
13th October 2011, 01:21
Sailed as passenger on Uruguay Star May 1953 from Buenos Aires to the UK. Had unscheduled call at Casablanca to off-load fruit from Brazil and then sailed for Plymouth where passengers were "off-loaded" as ship had orders to skip Tilbury and sail directly to Rotterdam. A good ship and wonderful voyage - lots of social activity on board!