Bob S
1st September 2004, 15:47
Assisted by London Tugs AVENGER (62/130), MAWANA (58/8744) is seen passing Tilbury (UK) on the 20th September 1969.
AVENGER was renamed AVENGER IV in 1985 by Purvis Marine Limited and was working somewhere in the US/Canada area I believe. Is she still working?

2nd September 2004, 09:35
Nice photo Bob S, where did you take it from. I am casting my mind back and I think I might actually have joined her in Tilbury for her next voyage.

Bob S
2nd September 2004, 11:20
Hi Cboots,

From Tilbury Landing Stage as she passed inward bound.

3rd September 2004, 01:21
G'dye Bob,
Thanks for that, I have just set the photo as my desk top item. My memory dims but I was certainly on the Mawana for her next outward voyage, I might even have been onboard when you took that photo. Anyway, it is all history now, including Brocks, whom many of us would have said was floating history in 1969. Oh well, it is a great desk top and my pc now looks like a tribute to the Raj!
Best regards,

Bob S
3rd September 2004, 11:48
Hi Cboots,

When I get the time, I'll send you the original image which is of better quality via the forum email facility.

Glad you like the photo



21st September 2004, 09:52
Very interest the pic of MAWANA. Built Wm Hamilton/D -Rowan in 1958
first of five sisters MANGLA- MATHURA-MKRANA- and similar Funnel on the boat deck- MASIRAH .

24th March 2010, 18:17
Sisters, but Mangla and Mathura had two WT boilers. Masirah had 3 Scotch.

13th April 2010, 20:13
Great pic and one to jog some memories. I was onboard her at the time for my second trip as junior R/O (CR/O was Phil Marriott). I recall we loaded assorted munitions and ordnance for Red Sea ports.

Best regards to all

Alan Marsden

13th April 2010, 22:12
With Arthur Orum to answer to in GLV, I take it, Alan ?

A fine pic of a proper merchant ship.


21st April 2010, 09:29
For sure sparkie - I can remember it as if it were yesterday.....