Last US Titanic survivor is dead

8th May 2006, 08:45


8th May 2006, 20:26
So the last survivor was 5 when it happened and died 94 years later when she was 99.

May she rest in peace!

No doubt the arguments about this event will continue for another 94 years.


Wild Rover
8th May 2006, 20:29
Seems she is the last to be able to recall the sinking, two others are still alive in the UK but they were infants.

15th January 2007, 18:25
Se actually lived 30 miles from where I live in Massachusetts. I heard of her before she died, but I read she would never talk to anyone about the sinking, which I can understand. She lost her father and and I think brother in the disaster. At least now she is with them again and the other 1,500 passengers that died on 4-15-1912.

15th January 2007, 23:55
Not true ruud, Tmac is alive (almost) and well LOL

16th January 2007, 00:18

TMac is definitely still with us and will be 118 in July apart from his wooden leg which is early Victorian turned mahogany inherited from his grandmother.

In fact I happen to know that he is giving a "deckchair re-arranging" powerpoint presentation to the Titanoraks Society next week in the US and afterwards will be selling miniature souvenir sluice valves and signing autographs of his new book "It weren't my fault - it was like that when I got here!". I have ordered an advance copy as a cure for insomnia.


16th January 2007, 00:23
Don't know about you Brian but I'm heading for the trenches.

Ngaio 62
4th June 2007, 01:57
"Don't know about you Brian but I'm heading for the trenches,"

That's okay you can easily end up with a berth on the Lusi.
Now that's another subject thats is under dbate...Encyclodedia Titanica - Lusitania thread.



4th June 2007, 13:03
Get stu**ed pair of you LOL, next you'll be blaming me for the sluice valves being fitted instead of water tight doors. If you lot really do buy my next book (and assuming somebody reads it to you, LOL) you will discover the TRUE story of the Titanic which is that Harland and Wolff cunningly disguised the 1st Titanic as the Mauretania to assist Cunard in a tax fiddle to raise enough funds to pay for the Queen Mary which really was the Olympic with the aft funnel removed. Two men in a rowing boat were paid a couple of quid to daub red paint on an iceberg to make it appear like Titanic had actually sunk when in reality it was alive and well in Swan Hunters getting a make over as the Magdalena. It would have worked too only the rivets were not welded on properly and the sluice valves were all left hand thread.

5th June 2007, 07:00
That's plenty clear to me, but who goes to jail as the ringleader? A stewardess? A ship's boy? Lee and Fleet? Kate and Leo? LOL WILL