Empire Guillemot 1941

Tish Cook
5th April 2014, 19:47
Hi everyone. I am looking for anyone who was connected to the good ship Empire Guillemot which went down in October 1941. It was sailing from Malta to Gibraltar and was torpedoed off the coast of Algeria. My father in law was one of the survivors and he was also a war artist. We have many pictures and portraits he drew whilst on board the ship and during his internment in a POW camp. We also have a list of possible survivors who would have been at the camp with him.

My father in law's name was John Kinglsey Cook and he worked on board in the radio room. An exhibition of some of his work from the period is currently on show in the Queens House, Royal Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

The family would very much like to hear from anyone who may have connections with this ship, or who may have sent home portraits of themselves done by John by way of announcing to their families that they were OK.

Thanks for reading this. Tish Cook

5th April 2014, 20:00

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Hugh MacLean
5th April 2014, 20:43
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I posted this the other day: https://www.shipsnostalgia.com/showthread.php?t=59994


5th April 2014, 20:49
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5th April 2014, 21:57
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6th April 2014, 12:10
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6th April 2014, 12:31
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27th February 2017, 12:26
My grandfather, Bert Hellewell, was radio officer on the Empire Guillemot and survived the sinking. He spent the rest of the war as cook in a POW camp in North Africa.

Before he died I interviewed him about this and would be happy to send you the MP3 file if you give me an email.