MV Velarde

6th April 2014, 22:13
Hi , I'm trying to find out bout my uncle Martin McKay who served aboard MV Velarde. Martin sadly lost his life when ship docked in Barcelona in 1961. Body was recovered from the harbour in December; Martin is buried in Montjuic cemetery - I visit every year. Would be thrilled if I could have any info on him - losing him destroyed my dad and he can't even talk about him. Martin had a friend on board, Ross Smith a kiwi.
Many thanks

7th April 2014, 00:02
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7th April 2014, 00:09

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7th April 2014, 07:23
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7th April 2014, 09:52
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7th April 2014, 21:52
Thanks - hoping that I can get some info on my uncle

Roger Harrison
8th April 2014, 14:57
Great little ship.Was 2nd.Mate on this vessel in 1964
One of my Wirral locals was Chief Steward John Gore
Roger Harrison

8th April 2014, 15:06
VELARDE built 1957 by Ottensener. Hamburg. grt 2866. 1969 SAILOR PRINCE. 1970 ZENIT. 1973 NADIR. scrapped Split 27/4/87.

Bill Seddon
8th April 2014, 17:30
I sailed on the Velarde,also Vargas Villeagas, Verdigur. Valdes.1961-1965. Great little ships and brilliant runs. Spain and also Italy. The trips lasted no more than 4 /5 weeks.I was a A.B. The Captain on my most trips was a Capt Merrino (who sadly died a few years ago) Great man. Worked his way up from A.B. Now in reply to your search. I can not remember this incident. However there was a steward who was dating a lovely girl from Barcelona.On his leave home he went up to the Lake district on his motor bike,sadly he was killed in a traffic collision.Next time we where at Barcelona the Capt and a few of us had to tell her the very sad news of his death.She was devastated,they where engaged and planned to get married.Capt Merrino who could speak fluent Spanish went to see the girls parents. How sad that was.Every time I go to Spain the memories of that incident return.The Spanish run was my fav" When on the run to Italy on the smaller boats you did 4on and 4off. 10 days to first port Genoa.You where knackered first nite ashore. Happy Days Thou. We were young then.

8th April 2014, 19:10
Unfortunately my time with ubc/macs was later so I cannot help you Julia.
However your request has brought me sad news via Bill Seddon. I sailed many times with Frank Merrino during his spell with UBC and spent hours with him in ice convoys up to Leningrad. He had to leave the Company whilst on leave when a blood clot was found in his head and a stent was fitted which evidently made further sea service a no-no. I reckon it was caused with the hacking cough he developed smoking endless fags on the bridge.
Thanks for mentioning that Bill, a sad loss of a very good man. RIP Frank