Sailing Troopships 1855

12th May 2006, 18:42
Hello, Can anyone help me please ? I am looking for the names of Troopships used arround 1855 to bring British troops and their families home from India. Sailing from the Eastern Mediterrannien to Plymouth, before the Suez Canal was opened.
The one I am interested in is probably called Euphemia or Euphemar. I would be keen to obtain a picture (well I can always ask!) One of my ancestors was born on board this ship in the Bay of Biscay, July 1855.

12th May 2006, 23:32
indian troopship euphraties,one of five troopships each with different colour band round the hull to distingush them ,the euphrates had a blue band 1886

Bruce Carson
13th May 2006, 01:00
The 'Euphrates', I believe, was an iron steamship built by Cammell Laird and not completed until 1866.

Bruce C

13th May 2006, 06:36
five indian troopships
i only knew about them as i just read an article somewhere about the crocodile wrecking the dock at portsmouth
sea breezes january 1962 has a photo of the crocdile
thats all sorry dom

13th May 2006, 07:43
Thank you Dom and Bruce. " Euphrates" sounds interesting. I had found two "Euphemia" Sailing Ships, but one was lost before 1855 and the other was only 145 tonnes.
Mike Beeton

Bruce Carson
13th May 2006, 13:04
There is a picture of the 'Euphrates' about a third of the way down the following page:

And one of her sistership, 'Crocodile', at the following site:

Bruce C.

13th May 2006, 16:22
Thank you Bruce. I've had a look at the two pictures. Interesting as they show ships at the stage between sail and steam. However it seems they were built in 1866, eleven years after the voyage when my Gt Aunt was born. Could it be that the 'Euphemia' I'm looking for was a pure sailing ship ?

14th May 2006, 01:14
there was a troopship euphemia 250 tons schooner,for the french,wrecked of gippsland 1858

14th May 2006, 07:12
Dom, this could be good. The date agrees and the name. 25O tons is not a very large ship, why 'for the French' ? Gippsland, that must be in your area !

14th May 2006, 07:28
found it on wrecks of victoria not much info. first found on goggle

14th May 2006, 07:54
also "euphemie kernorvant" french fully rigged wrecked pembroke coast
jan 24th 1862
sorry thats all, dom.

14th May 2006, 11:03
Thanks, Dom

Wild Rover
14th May 2006, 17:16
It was the custom in the days of sail that if you captured a vessel you used it in your own navy and quite often retained the origional name, this ship could have been a French ship captured and used by the British navy as a troop ship.