Book Boost - All Brave Sailors

Richard Green
15th May 2006, 21:14
Hi All,

I'd like to put in a boost for a book I've just finished - All Brave Sailors. One of those unputdownables. Being as how you're all switched on it maybe that some of you have already picked it up. For me the story exemplifies the spirit, courage and fortitude of the men in the Merch in those days and since. It's a 2004 book by J. Revell Carr, Chief Curator at Mystic Seaport Maritime museum. The book is about the return of a jolly boat to the Imperial War Museum. The jolly boat in question was used by 7 survivors of the Anglo-Saxon to sail 2,700 miles to the Bahamas after she was sunk by the Q-ship raider Widder. Only 2 made it through to the end. A really gripping tale...

Hugh MacLean
15th May 2006, 21:28
Hi Richard,

Yes indeed. I believe Able Seamen Bob Tapscott and Roy Widdecombe; the only two survivors were at sea for 72 days. One of the longest open boat journeys of the war. Truly brave sailors.