Louis Pasteur

17th May 2006, 17:58
On one voyage with Brocklebanks I seem to remember a French cargo ship in one of the Red Sea ports with what was supposed to be the biggest funnel in the world of cargo ships.I don't know if this is the name or I am mind slipping again.Please help my poor memory!!!


17th May 2006, 18:28
I also remember seeing her in the Suez Canal and I asked for verification on the same topic but to no avail.Perhaps we will be lucky this time.She was a passenger liner

Bruce Carson
17th May 2006, 18:53
That would be Cie Sudatlantique's 'Pasteur'.


Bruce C

17th May 2006, 18:56
This was the French Liner 'Pasteur' and, as built she had the largest funnel ever fitted to a ship. She also had the unusual distinction of having been in service for 20 years without having made a commercial voyage. She was built for the South American service of the Cie. de Navigation Sud Atlantique and was completed in September 1939. Her first voyage was cancelled and she became a troopship and was kept on this work when returned to her owners. She was sold to Norddeutscher Lloyd in 1958 and the funnel was removed in favour of one with more modest dimensions. She was employed on their Bremerhaven-Southampton-Cherbourg-New York service and also on cruises.
Sorry I cannot advise you of her fate.
Peter4447 (Thumb)

17th May 2006, 19:19
Thanks for info Bruce and Peter!!!

17th May 2006, 19:59
A pleasure Mike. As Bruce has said if you go to that excellent site www.simplon you will find some very good views of this old lady. (*))

Bruce Carson
17th May 2006, 20:08
Interesting story about the 'Pasteur'.
The President of Sudatlantique put pressure on the French Government to issue a stamp commemerating the Pasteur's maiden voyage, scheduled for September, 1939.
Four million stamps were printed but never issued as war was declared on September 2 and the maiden voyage never took place.
The Vichy Government finally issued them in 1941 with an overprint increasing the value from 70 centimes to 1 franc + 1 franc, a French Maritime Charity receiving a franc from the sale of every stamp.

Dave Edge
18th May 2006, 00:16
In 1971 she went to Chandris and was renamed "Regina Magna" and in 1977 to Philippine Singapore Ports Corporation for use as an accommodation ship at Jeddah under the name "Saudi Phil 1", later "Filipinas Saudi 1". Outwardly she didn't look too bad when I saw her there in the late '70's but by 1980 when the work at Jeddah ended she was apparently in poor condition. This is confirmed by the fact that, while under tow to breakers in Taiwan she capsized and sank in the Indian Ocean on 6 June.

Jan Hendrik
18th May 2006, 00:41
If you go to the search engine and type Pasteur, then you will note I posted a photo last year of this ship and indeed showing a remarkable large funnel.
I realise you initially asked for the Louis Pasteur.

In general:
Whenever somebody has a query on a certain vessel it is advised you use both the search engine on the main page and the one in the gallery (they are totally different) and quite often you will find your ship.

I made reference to another site too.
Very interesting story.

Robert Bush
19th May 2006, 00:32
Came across Pasteur south bound in Malacca strait 1958 near One Fathom Bank she sounded the man overboard signal stopped and put down life boats to pick up Foreign Legionaires who were trying to avoid service in Indo China.

Bob Bush

17th April 2007, 09:26
Came across Pasteur south bound in Malacca strait 1958 (...)
No, Bob, "Pasteur" was no longer in Indochina in 1958. Her last voyage to Indochina took place early 1956. In 1958, she was under German flag being transformed in a Bremen shipyard as a real liner for Atlantic crossings, and was to be renamed "Bremen".
I am the author of a much illustrated book about "Pasteur" (circa 350 ill.), published late 2005 . It deals with the full story of the ship, from 1938 to 1980 ; alas, it is written only in French language. Hal Stoen's website about "Louis Pasteur" describes my book ("Louis Pasteur" is an error : the right name of the ship was "Pasteur" ; "Louis Pasteur" was a Liberty ship).
You have also a very rare color photo of "Pasteur" in this page from my own website : http://www.jybaventures.com/~jybaventure/biblio_jybaventures.htm
(this photo, taken in 1955 at Singapour, is reproduced from the back of my book, which publishes other very rare color shots).

Indie Boy
10th August 2007, 11:09
During the late 40's and early 50's she was a familiar sight to those in the vicinity of the Suez Canal. East bound she was full of French troops on their way to Indo China. West bound ,she was full of casualties from the same place, very sad. It all ended with Dien Ben Phu.