RFA Crew Agreements

Roger Griffiths
18th April 2014, 20:55
Has anyone an idea as to where these are stored circa 1916. I have drawn a blank at Kew. Was it just this vessel which had crew agreements missing. Any ideas welcome.


19th April 2014, 21:19
Hello Roger
I had a friend who was researching the manning of whaling ships, as a retired medical officer he was interested the life expectancy of the crew on these ships. He discovered that the original ships articles were held either for storage or research in Halifax Nova Scotia. Whether a University or a some other establishment I do not know. Hope this helps.

Roger Griffiths
21st April 2014, 16:08
Hello GBXZ,
Thanks for the input. I think you will find it's the Memorial University of Newfoundland. The documents I am looking for are not there either.


22nd April 2014, 11:55
Some Crew Agreements are held at the National Archive at Kew, and some are held by the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich up to I believe 1970, after that the vast majority were sold to the Maritime University in Canada.

To acess the relevant crew agreements at Kew you need the ships official number, as this is how they are stored, if you have problems pm me and I will do what I can to help.


Roger Griffiths
22nd April 2014, 22:21
tidespring82, Thanks for the input, I am aware of the repositories you refere to.
Regarding the "sale" to MUN.