21st May 2006, 13:28
in 1965 i was a waiter on the queen mary on the atlantic run which was a bit of a nightmare. the weather in northern mid-atlantic can be like the end of he world at times. but the biggest seas i have ever seen. on the ships return to southampton, ready for a bit of time off we were informed that the mauratia outward bound on a cruise had thrown a propella half way down the solant. and her passengers were coming to us for dinner as compensation while a new prop was attatched. however i did manage to take a walk down the key to have a look at the vessel of our demise. she was painted bottle green and looked like something from the days of titanic, but nethertheless extremely majestic. does anybody have a colour picture of the vessel at this time? and was she built with two funnels? any history would be appreciated.


21st May 2006, 13:32
Do you mean the Mauritania she had 2 funnels and at one time had a green hull like the Caronia. If it is the Maury go to

fred henderson
21st May 2006, 15:20
If you go into Gallery, Bellboy and click on Passenger Liners and Cruise Ships, type Mauretania in the search box and you will find a number of photos of her plus a couple of her famous predecessor of the same name.


non descript
22nd May 2006, 11:38
Bellboy, I have taken the liberty of correcting the spelling of the ship's name in your thread title, so it now reads Mauritania - that way you may have more success when SN members search under the name in their quest to assist you.


22nd May 2006, 11:54

The following site will help you

22nd May 2006, 12:35
It looks like a member gave the right ship in thread 2.

non descript
22nd May 2006, 13:11
It looks like a member gave the right ship in thread 2.


You did indeed and that was appreciated. I was merely taking your helpful comment a stage further and correcting the thread title and also leaving a comment to that effect. If I had just make the correction without adding a comment, it would have left subsequent postings looking odd.

Kind regards