Shaw Savill Pension Scheme started around 1975-6

22nd April 2014, 16:49
I'm Andy Martin, former cadet, junior and 5th Engineer with Savills and sailed on Northern Star and Ocean Monarch, till they were scrapped/sold, and finished off on the Megantic when I got my 2nd's ticket and moved on.
I was on the Monarchs last round cruising season to Aussie and took her to the Taiwanese scrap yard and then all of the Stars last cruising season till she too went to scrap.
But the main question I have is that I am trying to remember a pension fund that started around 1975.
I can remember filling in all sorts of paperwork but have no record of it now.
What happened to the fund ? Does anyone have any information about it ?
Anyone remember me ? Small lad from Glasgow !
Andy Martin

24th April 2014, 11:29
I am sure that if you contact the MNOPF see:
that they will be able to tell you what the position is, or contact someone in the SSSociety.

I am not sure what the position was/is because I took my funds with me in the early 70's, but I seem to recall hearing that when things were 'wound up' that the fund assets were transferred to the MNOPF .... I might be 100% wrong though.

Best of luck, Cheers, Bob.

noel robson
1st May 2014, 15:39
I think that this was the Furness Pension Fund moved to MNOPF and now called KENWAKE Pension Scheme

1st May 2014, 16:58
Thanks for the responses to my enquirey. Yes, it was probably a Furness Withy scheme rather than a Savills. I shall certainly chase up Ensign pensions and see if they know anything about it or "Kenwake" pensions when I get home.
Andy Martin