Pendennis Castle - 13th February 1975

24th April 2014, 16:02
Would anyone know where the Pendennis was on the above date. I have an copy of the Union Castle "Fares and Sailings" pamphlet from October 74 but it appears to be incorrect - I presume the schedule is wrong as this was the time UC started to withdraw vessels.


Chris Isaac
24th April 2014, 18:17
She sailed from Southampton on 21 Feb 1975, so she would have been in Southampton on the 13th.

The first ship to be withdrawn was SA Oranje in Nov 1975 followed by Edinburgh Castle in April 1976


24th April 2014, 18:54

Thanks for the reply. Amusingly I have the same Fares & Sailings pamphlet that you shared the link for. On the Union Castle facebook group that I belong to an ex-crew member requested the schedule for 1975, I duly scanned & posted the brochure - which is where the anomoly pops up. His reply was this:-

"I was on the Pendennis, in Feb 1975 and it never went to Las Palmas, also was at Sea on Feb 13th, cos I celebrated my birthday on her, so this schedule seems off, could that be correct"

Interestingly another member posted:-

"Thank you for uploading these! I thought I returned from S Africa in June 1975 on the Windsor but I can see it must have been the 9th July sailing now! Happy memories."

Which has me curious as to whether the schedule was actually changed, printed incorrectly or whatever. It seems odd that two people (one of whom has a good reason to remember where he was!) seem to think reality was different to the schedule - and on two different vessels of course.

I should add that was not crew, just a passenger (in 1973 so I cant vouch for 1975!) - I'm just very curous to get to the bottom of it.



Chris Isaac
24th April 2014, 22:37
If you look at the crew lists:

You will see that they Pendennis was on schedule the previous voyage and I would think it most unlikely that this would have changed the next voyage.
I also think it would have been highly unlikely that she did not call at Las Palmas. It is remotely possible that she called at Teneriffe instead but that would be most unusual.

25th April 2014, 06:45
Hello Again and thanks for your further thoughts.

That does all make sense, thank you. Given UC's reputation for punctuality and reliability it would seem odd that they deviated from their schedule.

Thanks again.


29th April 2014, 17:50
It is remotely possible that she called at Teneriffe instead but that would be most unusual.

You have reminded me Chris of a voyage on Edinburgh Castle when we arrived at LP outbound only to find there was a vessel on fire against the mole. As she was carrying undeclared explosives, we were kept clear and bunkered in Tenerife. Maybe something similar happened to the Pendennis ?

We also on one voyage diverted to Ascension to drop off a very sick stewardess, subsequently arriving in Southampton about midday instead of early morning, as it was Cowes Week we caused quite some consternation amongst the yachties as we came in via the Needles !

29th April 2014, 18:16
Hi, thanks for the thought - and the great anecdotes :-) I think from the subsequent facebook postings it most likely sailed according to schedule. I Note that you were a radio officer, Chris a navigator - I nearly went down either of those routes having been inspired by sailing on UC as a child - unfortunately by the time I got to it the world had changed and IT was a better career choice! I ended up becoming a radio ham to take care of the radio interest and cartography just became a subject I am interested in.

Again, thanks for the thought and the anecdotes. Its great that the little stories come out and the internet preserves them for posterity.


john lintern
1st May 2014, 16:51
i was on the pendennis in 75 am sure she called at lp,was a chef on her a happy ship