Book - Thames Shipping

25th May 2006, 23:45
Does anyone have this book? :

I am thinking about buying it due to the fact it has lots of vessels on the thames such as the Abercorn,Viscount that i would love to see photos of back in the early 1990s etc.

Any views on this book?

26th May 2006, 07:24
Good morning Karbine,
Yes well worth it indeed. Quality production and presentation as usual from Carmania Press and best of all the wonderful pics from Laurence Dunn's collection some back to the early 1930's.
Has Dunn been declared a "Living National Treasure" in the UK??
David D.

26th May 2006, 11:46
A terrific book by St.Lawrence.
I got mine from 8 plus postage and recommend them for all current and out of print books. No connection.

26th May 2006, 16:38
Ive never bought anything off the internet myself and im not too keen on it. Is there a bookshop that sells it or i can quote them the ISBN and they order it for me?

All i want to see really is a few photos,could anyone scan me them? I would love the see the pleasure boat "Abercorn" and any other old passenger vessels in there.


27th May 2006, 02:27
I have bought books from both and both based in the USA covering a fairly wide range of subjects ,particularly on Passenger Liners etc and have NEVER had a problem.
All have been received on time and in perfect condition.
One reason I use them is the fearsome price of books such as the one in question downunder. One example...'Liners-the golden age..images from the Hulton Getty Picture Collection'...Amazon A$46.50 + A$10.00 postage took 3 weeks to deliver. The same book in a local Museum Bookshop A$199.00 !!!!and not a rare or exaggerated example.
Go for it mate!
David D.