Negative Bouyancy

26th May 2006, 00:28
i heard a lot about this in the offshore ind.gas bubbles,, rigs collapsing,has anyone seen or experienced or heard of this happening.

Derek Roger
26th May 2006, 00:37
Negative buoency is a state one can suffer badley from when swimming . It occurs usually when you drink more beer than you Pee !

26th May 2006, 02:05
this was one of the theories for the bermuda triangle disasters,the sea was said to be aereated so much that it lost it's bouyancy

Derek Roger
26th May 2006, 16:16
The " Mythbusters " did a programme on TV and it and confirmed the fact for those doubting Thoms . Consider if the vessel was sitting in one big bubble with no sea to support it ; do you not think it would fall ?? Therefore areated water depending on the amount of air water mix will have an obvious negative impact on the bouency .

26th May 2006, 16:35
Dunno about Bermuda triangle but remember seeing a demonstration done by some Mad Scientist type on the telly with a large fish tank full of plastic balls about 2 inch diameter and a model ship on the top.

It sat there quite happily until he started blowing air up from the bottom of the tank. It was fine for a while but a point was reached as he turned up the airflow when the thing just sank to the bottom.

Does this prove that air bubbles could sink a ship? I'm not sure but I don't think the idea can be dismissed out of hand.

I am going to attempt an alternative experiment involving sitting in the bath with plastic ducks, eating several large plates of curry and watching the results. (LOL)


26th May 2006, 22:06
I'm sure I remember seeing a programme about this theory. They managed to sink a small motorboat simply by piping air underneath her.

27th May 2006, 11:15
That reminds me of the definition of a Puff Adder.

A person who farts in the bath and counts the bubbles.


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