Eric Wallace
30th May 2006, 02:44
I just love photos,old more so.why dont we all put in photos labelled then and now under members faces,it will be fun to see what has become of us all,any thoughts? (Applause)

30th May 2006, 08:36
I'll think about that one Eric - could be a bit depressing for some of us to whom the exprssion "Hair today - gone tomorrow" applies! The contrast in clothing styles should be a hoot though.


30th May 2006, 12:17
yeah Eric.... I just love looking at old photos as long as they're not of ME... I was never very photogienic even as a young bloke... BUT, I'd be prepaired to join the club as long as everyone else did.... maybe, we just put it to the vote, eh?

30th May 2006, 13:29
When I reached 50, my Staff at 'Aggies Westons' (with my Wife's help) secretly put a photo of me in the local paper wearing my sailor suit and aged just 16 - so I think I will pass on this one please (Night)

31st May 2006, 00:11
Its a good Idea Eric , but as Brian has said they might not be very complimentary given that most of us have suffered the ravages of time and speaking for myself I have not come out very well , you just start the thread and everyone will come along.
Cheers Peter