Seaway King and Queen

1st June 2006, 11:09
Anybody knows the whereabouts of the 1964-built twins Seaway King and Seaway Queen. They were sold in the late seventies and respectively renamed Sentosa Trader and Lautan Rani.

2nd June 2006, 02:02
Seaway Queen,

Sold to Chinese shipbreakers. Towed from Kota Kinabalu and arriving at Zhingjiang on the 21st April 1985 for demolition.

Seaway King,

1978 Sold to Zefyrus Maritime S.A. Monrovia (Seaways Shipping & Trading Co SA Piraeus and renamed Lucky Trader.

1979 Sold to Finda Transport Enterprises SA Athens renamed Ponte Negro.

Laid up in Chalkis Greece from 6th June 1985 until sold to Greek ship breakers arriving in Piraeus 14th August 1986 for Demolition. ( (


3rd June 2006, 13:42
thanks for the info Gary