fishing boats ex lifeboats

Mike Craine
1st May 2014, 22:11
Does anyone have the history of the following converted lifeboats which were used for fishing? Dutch RY9 and Henry Joy B103 built 1929 Cowes. Thanks

4th May 2014, 21:00
Dont have anything for Dutch RY9 in my records.
For Henry Joy it may be ON 728 Cunard, a 45' 6 Watson twin screw, built 1930 by Saunders-Roe. She served at St Marys 1930 ~ 1955 and then relief until 1969.
She was then sold to Belfast and then re-named Henry Joy in the 70s. Partial conversion at Dundrum Harbour, never completed and is now beached derelict at Coney Island, Killough.

Mike Craine
8th June 2014, 18:49
Hi Richie, thanks for the info on Henry Joy. Dutch, I have found out was a ships lifeboat. Cheers.