Eyemouth Boat Building Co

27th May 2006, 21:51
Hi, have just found this site tonight. What a great site. Am busy with a long term project researching boatyards between Gourdon (by Montrose) and Berwick on Tweed. Currently busy with Eyemouth BBC. Of the 41 fishing vessels built there, i have tracked down pics of all but two. They are 1967 build Star Divine II LH449 (later BF47), and 1969 Heatherbelle II LH27 (later Hazael FR368, then ME47). Can anyone help out with these two? cheers, Graham

wee bobby
27th May 2006, 22:11
Hi-Grahamtowa,try the Fishermans,Mutual,-Association,in Eyemouth,the'll put you in touch with the skippers,Jim Aitchison(Heatherbelle) and Jim Wanko (Star Devine) hope this can narrow your field GOOD LUCK!!!

27th May 2006, 22:29
Thanks, Bobby,
Jim aitchison died about a month ago, although I gather it was his brother John who had the Heatherbelle built. I spoke with Jim Vanko today, and he doesn't havea photo of Star Divine. I will try the FMA next week.Cheers

27th May 2006, 23:30
Grahamtowa. Found pic of Star Divine. Have you Answers com, on your Computer?

28th May 2006, 20:57
hello, was it yourself who emailed the link to me? If so, that is the first Star Divine BK47,built 1955 at Eyemouth.
The one I am looking for is Star Divine II LH449, built 1967 at Eyemouth.
Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated when someone goes out of their way to help.

wully farquhar
4th June 2006, 19:23
Hi Graham,There was a Star Divine in our fleet which came from Eyemouth,she caught fire and sunk if i remember around early seventies and i know Jim Vanko had her at one time.

5th June 2006, 18:26
hi, wully, that was the first Star Divine, built 1955 as BK47, later WK16.
Its Star Divine II that I'm looking for,built 1967 as LH449, later BF47.Cheers anyway, tho.

28th June 2006, 12:02
Hi Graham
Just been looking through some threads, and i see you were looking for a photo of the Star Devine,mabye you have got one, anyhow i checked through some pics that i bought a few years ago and have found one of the Star Devine LH 449.would that be the boat you are looking for it is rather dark but you are welcome a copy,it has 1967 written on the back
Yours Alwyn

28th June 2006, 19:12
That's the one that I'm looking for, Alwyn. Thanks very much. I'd love a copy. The only pic i have found is of the boat a few years later, when it was Banff registered, and I wanted one with the original Leith registration.
Do you have my address or email address? I don't remember if i included it with the cd that I sent.Many thanks, Graham (Applause)

4th July 2006, 13:49
Hi, Alwyn,
Star Divine II came sailing thro my letterbox today, many thanks. The pic is in Eyemouth harbour, which is perfect. Could not ask for better! If I can help you in any way, just give a shout.....cheers, Graham

14th August 2013, 15:44
Hello, I found an old message from you. I am the owner -skipper of Delphis a 1989 build Inchcape from eyemouth Boatbuilding Co.
Grtz Philip
[email protected]