Norddeutscher Lloyd's BADENSTEIN

14th September 2004, 13:58
A particularly good looking series of cargo ships built for NDL and BADENSTEIN was photographed in Hamburg in 1969 before the merger with HAPAG.
I think she and her sisters in later years were converted to container ships with the cargo gear being removed.

david smith
14th September 2004, 14:43
Sold 1978 to Chile, renamed RAPEL
Built 1968 10,481tg

14th September 2004, 15:09
Yes the sisters were five and FRIESENSTEIN-HOLSTENSTEIN- SCHWABENSTEIN were rebuilt as a semicontainer ship and may alter in apparence . SACHSENSTEIN was sold to chile as RENAICO.

25th January 2010, 10:15
In 68/69 I was a cadet on "Holstenstein" which was a training ship, also "Badenstein"
Greetings, shipcharlie