MV Tarkwa and MV Tamale

7th May 2014, 00:04
My mother and I travelled from Liverpool to Lagos in 1960. It was either MV Takwa or MV Tamale, I am not sure because my father went on another one of these two and the memories are jumbled now. We eventually travelled on by road to Port Harcourt. I recall getting a nasty gash on my forehead en-route and heard later that the surgeon who stitched that for me had sadly topped himself.
I am looking for any information about those voyages particularly any that terminated in Lagos from Liverpool.
Many thanks.

7th May 2014, 00:15

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7th May 2014, 07:48
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7th May 2014, 21:54
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8th May 2014, 09:22
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9th May 2014, 14:34
The Tarkwa and Tamele were both used on the Port Harcourt express run, and their voyages didn't terminate in Lagos.
The Mail Boat run from Liverpool, with Aureol, Accra and Apapa did terminate in Lagos, though.