Ky Recipe

11th May 2014, 13:21
Anybody got a good key recipe?

Donald McGhee
12th May 2014, 02:01
3 heaped spoonsful of cocoa, lashings of condensed milk and hot water, in a tin mug add a couple chunks of dark chocolate, if you got some . A large tot of rum is optional!
I spent many a time making "Kye" for the watch on the Donaldson Line ships (very important aspect of a Navigating Apprentices syllabus),and this was my recipe, hot, thick, sweet and on a cold night on the western ocean, very damn fine splendid!

12th May 2014, 03:50
Sounds like a strange way to make jelly!

John T

15th May 2014, 06:04
Sounds like a strange way to make jelly!

John T

I'll let you know, and also get a dentist ( pathologists) report!

15th May 2014, 13:36
We had Ky every middle watch in the RN, it was made from a solid block of chocolate. Using your rigging knife, the block was chopped up, water added and taken to the Engine room where the stoker stuck a steam pipe into your bucket.
This was back in the 60s when we had a Navy.

alan ward
15th May 2014, 16:00
A recipe for KY by the time you`ve received it the moment will have gone