CHANT info please

Tony G
16th June 2006, 21:52
Hi all I have found my next project but I am looking for plans/drawings for a CHANT tanker in wartime build also do you know of any site with pics I havent had much luck
I have found a commecial Fi/glass hull but I like building
Failing that do'es anybody know who built them and I will try to a copy of original drawing
where are the pics posted I can't find any
Regards Tony :o

16th June 2006, 22:55
Tony , In google type. Goole Shipbuilders. There are about six Chants there.

17th June 2006, 00:13

Go to

Down to Goole Shipbuilding, ans search the Roster for your Chants.


17th June 2006, 22:55
Try looking on and look on the hulls available for "chant".he has a 2 sheet plan for such.also look at "sirmar models" i think he does models of the chant and i think that the plans used for his models come from a company called "jecobin" and i believe that they do a chant plan.cheers,neil.

Tony G
18th June 2006, 12:15
Cheers nhp651 useful post will try Jecobin
Regards Tony (*))

22nd June 2006, 13:30
(Thumb) photo Chant 53-ships monthly oct.1987--Chant 28 photo ships monthly oct.1987---Chant 1 photo ships monthly jan 1988 hope this is of some use to you

13th January 2008, 13:05
have just completed a model plan at 1/64 scale of a CHANT dry cargo coaster in post war rig if interested. taken from a GA plan of Empire Fairhaven Goole Ship No 418

Tony G
12th February 2008, 19:48
Hi japottinger
Sorry for the very late reply as I have been quite bad and had some time in hospital thanks very much for the generous offer but all my modelling is on a long term hold again thanks

Kind Regards Tony