Benvannoch - Xmas 1971

graham palmer
18th June 2006, 19:05
My first trip as 2nd R/O on the Benvannoch - a great trip and a great crew
anyone recognise a signature?


24th September 2006, 19:31
My signature is there. ~ W Sinclair 2/o . I can remember you !!

Kenneth Morley
24th September 2006, 22:58
How about the crews menu if there was one? Kenneth

14th November 2006, 22:39
Exactly the same food, infact on some Ben Boats the Officers served the crew on Xmas and New Years Day. On Xmas Eve all crew and Officers met in the Officers Bar well before midnight for drinks and canapes the same at Hogmanay (also Chinese New Year) !! Later we always ended up in the Crew Bar by invitation . Great times !!!