Bob S
15th September 2004, 16:43
Elder Dempster’s FREETOWN (64/7689) outward bound passing Tilbury.

16th September 2004, 14:33
This Lithgows/Fairfield-Rowan had not the usually buff funnel of E/Dem.line
she had sisterships FIAN-FORCADOS-FULANI.

22nd October 2004, 10:28
Probably on a Guinea Gulf Line charter to West Africa.ED and Henderson Line ships used to change funnels in Glasgow if on this run.

Allan James
21st August 2005, 20:27
My Father Laurie James was the Master of the Freetown on her maiden voyage-for this her received a gift of a drinks cabinet which still had pride of place in his lounge up until his death. I can recall that Freetown was transfered from Elder Dempster to NSMO, the Dutch company within the Ocean group and it is possible that the photograph shows her on a "charter" to Glen Line.

4th October 2005, 14:37
Before joining Palm Line as a Deck Apprentice in 1965, I completed a continental "turn round" on this vessel as a supernumary. Thus she was my first ship and as such I have very happy memories of my short time aboard her. Needless to say, I subsequently saw her many times down the coast.

16th December 2013, 15:51
The Freetown was my last ED ship - a standby trip from Amsterdam to Hamburg in August 1964.

Julian Calvin
16th December 2013, 19:12
My first trip in '67. Great trip but generally found the 'D' boats happier ships and more fun.
Mate Lawton, 2nd mate Jones, 3rd mate Cleater