silver line of the early 1950s

25th May 2014, 04:05
I am newly joined and have enjoyed reading the message board of Silver Line going back to 2008 but was a little dismayed there were virtually no real old timers such as myself contributing. My years with SLL were 1952 to 1955 (3 yr. apprenticeship) and I sailed on the Silvertarn Nov 1952 to October 1954 and the much older Silverash Nov 1954 to Aug 1955. Truly no life quite like it! I earned just under 500 pounds during those 33 months which I believe is now the average weekly wage in the UK, and that was with a six pound monthly allotment to my mother.

The only names I have recognized are Malcolm Metcalfe, Paul Lewis, Roy Harrison and Dick Chapell, all of Vancouver, though I sailed with none of them. And Michael Renton Duke, whose death in 2012 was posted by his son. He was chief officer on the Silvertarn from January 1953 to May 1954 and I would be interested in sharing stories with his son, of those times we sailed together.

Austen Newton Hirst and Johnnie Duncan were the only two SLL masters I sailed with

I am interested in chatting with those who can remember the declining years of the old Silver Line in the early fifties as Dene Shipping took over the controls, and all the old ships except the tankers (Silverdale & Silverbrook) the newly built Silverburn, were sold off.

The only ex SLL man I keep in regular contact is John Clark now 81, who is living in LA. We sailed on the Silvertarn together for 8 months. Prior to that he was on the Silverwalnut with the very lately deceased Mike Smith et al

25th May 2014, 08:18
Wecome I am ex silverline serving from 1979 then on to V Ships working on the sat 55 and otherss

25th May 2014, 10:05
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