City of London & Manchester

6th July 2006, 21:30
The 1947-built City of London was sold in 1967 to Greeks and renamed Sandra N.
The 1950-built City of Manchester was also sold to Greeks but in 1971 and renamed Kavo Yerakes.
I am wondering what happened since to those two ships. Can anyone help?

6th July 2006, 22:49
The CITY OF LONDON was a 8,434 gross ton ship, 500ft x 64ft,
twin screw, speed 15 knots, accommodation for 12 passengers.
Built 1947 by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Wallsend
for Ellerman & Bucknall Line.
Used on the UK - Australia, New Zealand service
and in June 1953 represented Ellerman Lines
at the Coronation Spithead Review.
1967 sold to Greece, owned by Union Commercial S.S.Co
and renamed SANDRA N.
1968 arrived Taiwan for scrapping.

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Fergus 62
6th July 2006, 23:06
Hi Aristo
Saild two trips on City of London 1962/63 Irish Sea ports to East Africa and Irish Sea ports to India. Both eventful trips for different reasons.
Happy memories - great days

Fergus 62

6th July 2006, 23:23
From the NZ Maritime Index, I see a later KAVO YERAKIS;
ON 184319
Owner: Defteron Corporation
June 1967; SCOTTISH STAR was trapped in Suez Canal.
30 May 1975 released and towed to Piraeus.
Bought by Defteron Corporation, named KAVO YERAKIS.
Laid up until Jun 1979 when she was sold to Spanish breakers.
Towed to breakers by tug ARIEL.

The previous KAVO YERAKIS ( ex City of Manchester ) must have
ended her days before 1975.

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7th July 2006, 07:50
Thanks Treeve, I know about the second Kavo Yerakes. There was a greek firm that bought secondhand freighters -mostly british- and renamed them with a "Kavo" prefix.
City of Liverpool was renamed Kavo Grossos,
City of Karachi was renamed Kavo Kolones,
Federal's Northumberland was renamed Kavo Astrapi

Fergus 62
7th July 2006, 15:55
City of Manchester as Kavo Yerakes arr Kaohsiung 11.Nov 1971 for breaking up, City of Karachi as Kavo Kolones arrived same port 10.Jan.1974 to be broken up. Also sailed on this ship in her Ellerman days.

Fergus 62

7th July 2006, 21:51
thank you all for your input

Chris Field
1st January 2013, 01:38
I was an apprentice in "City of London" between 1954 and 55- if only they could build ships like that today. The passengers must have loved their comfortable accommodation, no muck like huge shopping mall-type atriums, plenty of room to stretch out on a deck chair without others glaring at you as they do in overcrowded cruise liners toaday, wandering around the deck and up to the bridge freely available and so on. Passengers' bar and smokeroom/library, dine every day with the master (Capt. Jeffers- a great guy)
and so it goes on- what a contrast with the big un's today