Ian Keyl

5th June 2014, 20:11
Don't seem to have seen anything from Ian recently since he said he was going in to hospital. Has anyone heard from him or know what the results of his operation were?

ian keyl
3rd December 2014, 10:35
Well Forthbridge tis me Iam back like a bad penny or like a fore deck foreman on nights who keeps braking all the cargo lights and wants more.

Well folks I have survived the rigors of some very good cancer treatment which was given to me by some very special people. On my second occasion with cancer in the neck I was given last xmas 7 weeks of radio therapy and three courses of chemo ,this lasted till March and on the 31st July this year i was given the all clear. It was like getting all your leave pay inc Saturdays in port Sundays at sea having been on a ship for a year , you feel like someone special.

Well that was me absolutely over the moon and very humble to think I had made it.
So thank you to all of you who sent me messages of get well so it is back to the grind stone.

Whilst i have been off line I have noticed that the Ben line crew have been themselves very quite have we all hibernated early .

The crimbo messages will be coming out soon so come on lads stir up your voyage gear and get some nostalgia going we are falling behind.

Thanks again Ian.

3rd December 2014, 11:56
Ian that is great news. I hope you and the family have a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Celebrate your excellent news. Remember the many memories of the ships you sailed in and the shipmates you had. I am an ex Port Line ancient?.
Alex C.

3rd December 2014, 17:51
Sorry to hear about your brush with cancer Ian.The all clear would have been tremendous news for your whole family.I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas,and good luck for the coming year.