Radio Officer William (Bill) Canny

Tony Selman
7th June 2014, 09:08
Through the Radio Officers Association website we have been contacted by a lady in Sydney trying to make contact with Bill Canny. He worked for USSCo in the late 60's/early 70's apparently. I am trying to track him down through ex company members on our members list but I thought I would post on here to see if anyone remembers him and more importantly has any recent knowledge of him.
Thanks and regards

3rd September 2017, 02:50
Hi Tony, I realise many years have passed since you posted this but I sailed with Bill in 1968 as 2nd R/O on m.v. Waimea. It was my first ship. I believe Bill was placed ashore in the next few years and I did hear that he had died but can't confirm this.
Greg Walsh
USSCo R/O 1968-70

3rd September 2017, 09:28
Well that is very interesting Gregg , I was Apprentice on 'WAIMEA', when you did the trip with Bill Canny .I have never known what happened to him.
Lindsay Butterfield

3rd September 2017, 10:40
Hi Lindsay,
I'm fairly sure I remember you. My memory tells me you came from Lyttelton?
(Smoke a pipe then?)

4th September 2017, 11:00
Yes born & bred in Lyttelton . Did not smoke a pipe that was the other apprentice.
The Master was Frank Ingram from Melbourne later a Port Phillip Bay Pilot .
The Chief Mate would have been either Dave Pyrah or Geoff Swallow.