Instructions to Commanders and Officers

Chris Isaac
18th June 2014, 08:00
I have recently acquired the Clan Line "Instructions to Commander and Officers" dated 1921.
They make for fascinating reading when life at sea was far more austere than was our experience.
A full copy of these can be found here:

18th June 2014, 08:33
That makes very interesting reading.
I wonder if a similar list of rules applies in todays modern fleets?

18th June 2014, 09:32
It certainly does make interesting reading, two of many things caught the eye especially for those who in a recent discussion protested that the term 'Sea Cocks' was never used in Merchant Ships and the other "Deranged Steam Gauges"(==D)

Good posting Chris.

18th June 2014, 10:25
Interesting the chief had only three strips.

18th June 2014, 12:05
I see the renowned "Sluice Valves" rate a mention - Belfast built Tmac?(Jester)(Jester)