M.V Muirfeild

19th June 2014, 15:58
Was on the Denholm line m.v.muirfield back in 1973 when we hit a uncharted submarine mountain in the indian ocean,we had done a good bit of damage and later had to dry dock in singapore great time had by all,any way this mountain is now called after the ship Muirfield Seamount.

19th June 2014, 19:05
When we (BSC) took Muirfield on, as mv Tibetan, she was named after the golf course,of course.....she was about same size as one of the holes, I forget which, and the whole of the hierarchy from the Club came to London where there were presentations etc...we had hoped that on exchange of gifts there would be an offer for some of our golfers, especially our Chief Marine Super, Dan Cameron, to have a round there.......nothing was offered.


John Cassels
19th June 2014, 19:17
Got the whole story in an issue of Denholm News !.

19th June 2014, 22:46
Got the whole story in an issue of Denholm News !.

Really John..

Any way I can source it?


19th June 2014, 23:17
On a quiet night while you are baby sitting the angelic Lucy you could scan the issue for us John.

John Cassels
20th June 2014, 08:00
Not sure how to do this , will ask the wife , she will know.

20th June 2014, 09:57
What a well managed household John, everything left to the women. I'll have to get myself one.

20th June 2014, 12:24
Good on you john I leave everything to her then I can't be blamed when things go wrong they do come in handy at times brgds kev.

John Cassels
20th June 2014, 19:43
OK lads , regarding Muirfield in Denholm news , I got ;

2 articles regarding contact with the seamount,
1 article about the "knot"in the stbd.anchor chain.
and ( especially for Geoff) , a bit about Hon Co of Edinburgh golfers with
George Adamson of BISCO.
Missus has promised to help me put all these on line .

20th June 2014, 19:55
Cheers John..Yes George Adamson was Head of Shipping at the time...